What happened to scenesofeating.com?

The short answer is that I opted not to renew the domain, so the site reverted to its free WordPress URL. My apologies if this has resulted in any broken links or inconveniences for you.

When I started this blog ten years ago (!!), I was in that phase of dissertation writing when it feels that everything you encounter is connected to your research–and food practices are more connected to our identities, values, and aesthetics than most things, so I saw the potential for food scholarship everywhere. Reading and writing about food culture connected me to many other writers and thinkers whose work shaped mine, and I will always be grateful for the opportunities that this little website made available to me. After I defended my dissertation, though, I was ready to move on (which is likely obvious to anyone who has remained a reader during that time).

If you’ve come across this website at the beginning of your own journey in food studies, I hope it still offers a useful resource and jumping-off point to you.

Some of the most-viewed posts of all time:

“Eating the Other”: bell hooks on ethnicity as spice
Barthes’ ‘Ornamental Cookery’ in the Age of Foodstagram
Hegel on the difference between men and women
Ain’t Jokin (About Watermelon, Among Other Things)
Kant’s Dinner Party
Force-feeding Unruly Women at the Turn of the 20th Century

Some of my own favorite posts:

Ars Gastronomica: Food, art, and pleasure
Shop, drop, and sweetroll: Scenes of eating in video games
Take a tea break
The Basics
CSA Week 30: End-of-season reflection
The Dinners of Wolf Hall

Should you wish to find me elsewhere, I blog about books and climate science at literarysara.net (where I have also discussed my experience of leaving academia). My dissertation, Food and Pleasure in Modern American Literature, is available from Temple University libraries.

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